Build Your Own

skateboard-bearing-1.jpgWe have designed this bearing solution because we have had so many requests from people who were at a loss to find replacement bearings for their chairs.

The most common bearing used in other brands of gliders is a 7/8" bearing as shown on the bottom right.

These are available at any skateboard shop. All you have to do is insert a bolt through the center of the "doughnut" and install a nut. Make sure the bolt is the same length as your old bearing and the neck of the bolt is as close as possible to the hole size of the bearing. All of the bearing holes in the wood that we have seen, have room for the bolt head. If not you will have to drill a hole the size of the bolt head, being careful not to drill all the way through the wood.

Helpful hint: You can also use this method for building a glider from scratch, or other projects requiring a bearing joint.

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